In 1947 Reginald Brown died in his Boggo Road Gaol cell. He had just commenced a life sentence for the murder of the young woman who was employed as his typist.  

Lingering Doubts critically analyses the police investigation including the sex fuelled motive concocted far too swiftly by Brisbane’s Sub-Inspector Frank Bischof. Although this name appears in the many books written about the corrupt sector of the Queensland Police, his victims’ names are not so readily found. 

This story not only throws doubt on Reg Brown’s guilt but also on the guilt of many vulnerable people who found themselves defenceless against ‘police generated’ evidence. 

Lingering Doubts germinated in the academic environment of police files, court transcripts and newspaper articles but beneath the discoloured layers of archived records a tragic human story lay dormant. 

Deb Drummond & Jan Teunis have invested 8 years of research into this book which revisits a chapter of Brisbane’s criminal history known as the Arcade Murder. What commenced as a granddaughter’s simple curiosity grew into a crusade to give a condemned man a voice.

You can read more about the journey of the book, keep updated on talks and media appearances, contact the authors personally and leave comments on the Lingering Doubts website.  

Anyone with information about the case is encouraged to PLEASE come forward.